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Issue 1 – Valencia


FAIM is the magazine that explores the life of a young creative generation from all around the world. They are the members of a generation that is hungry for new projects and experiences, for new ways of working and creating, and for new possibilities to imagine our future.

Through its three main categories PEOPLE, PLACES and FOOD, FAIM discovers a new city in each issue. Our aim is to inspire you with those stories that, even if happening elsewhere, could also be your own.


FAIM Magazine



08-03-2018 people


Johnnie Crowe, five year experience in the kitchens of several London restaurants, including Michelin starred The Harwood Arms and the acclaimed Anglo. Luke Wasserman, four years working as events project manager for The Guardian newspaper…


06-12-2017 Food

Alix Barré

Beer and food, those are the words that best describe Alain Fayt’s restaurant Restobières. Combining in perfect harmony traditional dishes with renowned Belgian beer, chef Alain created the ultimate Brussels dining experience.


07-11-2017 places

Naiara Reig

Inside the immense Magasins Généraux buildings, on the Garonne riverside (in Bordeaux),nothing is what it may seem. These warehouses were used by the French Army after their construction in the 19th century and, in the last years…

Disscover issue 1

Issue 1 Valencia